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Movie Maker 2 - Online Tutorials and References

Online tutorials and other websites about Movie Maker 2 are one of the best sources of basic 'how-to' information.

Besides lessons, many sites provide free samples of music, sound effects, and video clips. Be sure to read the licensing info about what you may or may not do with the downloads.

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Newsletter 80

Newsletter #80 covers 10 basic computer skills that help make your story and movie making easier and more enjoyable.

  • Browsing folders and files... including 'hidden' ones
  • Selecting multiple items
  • Copying and pasting
  • Dragging and dropping
  • Renaming files and folders
  • Checking CPU and memory use
  • Making your virtual memory larger
  • Checking hard drive free space
  • Defragging your hard drive
  • Creating and editing low level text files... like html and xml

    Click the image to read it.

    Bridge Door Opening

    StormCel Animation .... "StormCel Animation provides science fiction video footage for you to use in your movie masterpiece. Each volume contains dozens of short clips designed to be mixed together by you, the movie maker, to support the story you are telling. Each collection contains external footage, as well as internal shots that can be used for virtual sets with chroma keying (blue screen).

    Video clips and images are provided at 740x480 resolution. Video is encoded in Windows WMV format with minimal compression to maintain highest quality. Images are stored in Windows bitmap format (BMP), also with minimal compression for maximum quality."

    Click the image of the Bridge Door above right to see a 15 second test video made with their clip.

    Logan Kenesis of provides high quality art work... free to use in your movie projects.

    Some of the animated backgrounds are in .mov format, the kind that Movie Maker doesn't usually work with. But they are worth converting.

    Neo's Movie Maker Portal

    Neo's Movie Maker Portal includes a library of great motion clips for free use in your projects, a large matrix of conversion software to help you get all types of clips into Movie Maker, tools to help you install custom xml files for add-on transitions, effects and title animations, free website space for users of Movie Maker... and more.

    Windows Media Player mini FAQ - Zachd, a long-term programmer on the Windows Media Player team shares what he knows on newsgroup posts and on this personal website...

    My Video Problems... "This site will hopefully address your general video problems. Taking you from the dark in to the light!" The website started in Feb 2005 by Graham Hughes, a Microsoft MVP in the Digital Media group.

    Atomic Learning... a series of free online tutorials about all aspects of Movie Maker 2.

    MightyCoach - Timothy Root says "Movie Maker 2 is the easiest way to edit video from your digital camcorder, and MightyCoach’s online video training is the easiest way to learn how! You’ll watch an instructor walk you step-by-step through the editing process … everything from capturing video off your camcorder, to editing video clips, to exporting your video onto CD, email, and DVD. Video training is fast and easy … why blunder your way through the world of digital video when you can just sit back, watch, and learn."

    Rehan's Movie Maker Corner .... is about Windows Movie Maker 2 with a focus on custom Transitions and Effects.

    Other Interesting References

    Optimizing Low Bit Rate Audio is a Microsoft article that focuses on audio. At very low bit rates, you achieve audio similar to telephone quality. The secret to getting the best sound at very low bit rates is to understand how the codec works. You can achieve the best voice quality by making sure you record voice content in a way that helps the codec do the best job of compression. This article provides a high-level view of how the Windows Media Audio 9 codecs work with low bit rate content so that you can create the best sounding audio.

    Windows Media - a learning center provided by Microsoft.

    MPEG Pointers & Resources - the most complete and comprehensive index of MPEG resources on the Internet. MPEG.ORG focuses on MPEG-1 (VCD) and MPEG-2 (SVCD and DVD) standards.