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Windows Movie Maker

Video Stabilization

When you run Movie Maker 2012 on a Windows 8 computer, and select a video clip in a project, you may have this 'Video stabilization' option.

It's the first version of Movie Maker to have it... and it's wonderful.


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Unless you're using a tripod or otherwise 'fixing' your camera or camcoder in position, you'll have some shaking going on as you shoot. Newer better cameras have pretty good automatic stabilzation built into them. Older or lower end ones have poor to none.

Preview a clip to see if it shakes. If so, select the anti-shake option.

Here's what happens within Movie Maker.

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Video stabilization

Movie Maker will analyse the frames in the selected video source file and re-position them to better stablize the location of the main item of interest...

It doesn't ask you what item that is, so it automatically trys to figure it out. Sometimes the resulting video clip is better and sometimes worse. If it's worse, uncheck the option so it won't be used in the project.

A few tips...

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