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Windows Movie Maker is the core of my video editing processes, but there are many other apps in my video editing toolbox. The more toolsyou have, and the more skilled you are at using them, the easier it is to make movies.

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As software is routinely revised and new apps developed, I'll limit my list and comments to the tools I personally use. You might use different versions or other newer tools that are newer, better, or more comfortable for you. Don't change unless you have a compelling reason.

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I work with a number of computers and laptops are my primary ones. I carry a 16 GB thumb drive from one to another with many of my software tools, the ones that don't need a full installation. I'll annotate my list to indicate those installed on each computer versus those I run from the thumb drive. If it says 'thumb drive' it means it works on either Windows 7 or 8 if the USB thumb drive is inserted.

My laptops are 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 systems and the tools I use run fine on both. I run Windows 8 on a 64 bit desktop.

Here's what's in my personal video editing Software Toolbox for Windows 7 and 8... they are in alphabetical order with links to get them.

I appreciate your suggestions and comments, but understand I won't be adding apps to my list that I don't personally use. Make your comments at...

the Windows Movie Maker group on facebook