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Highlight or Hide Things

WMM lets you highlight or hide things easily. It's not a feature but done with creative use of text in caption overlays, along with a freeze frame when needed.

Often in a team sports scene you only need to point to, circle, or otherwise highlight a player at the start of the clip... use whatever text you want to do it and fade it in and out in sync with the clip. Sometimes it's best to do a freeze-frame for a few seconds with the person highlighted.

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Blurring a face, hiding a license plate, or selectively covering something else requires the overlying mask to stay in place throughout the clip. If it doesn't stay in one place long enough, you might need to use other software, as the text tools in WMM are very basic and don't support moving along motion paths.

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To highlight or hide with a text caption you need to use fonts that have graphical characters. Your available graphics fonts will vary by the computer and the added software. Here are some to look for.

Highlight Someone or Something

The steps are:

Hide Something

The steps are:

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