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Gather Past Memories

The past goes back as far as you want and takes you to now. Your memories are all around and many can be used in movie projects.

With a scanner such as my Canon CanoScan 8800f you can easily get high quality images of whatever fits on the scanner bed, including 35mm slides and negatives.

With a digital camera you can take pictures and video clips of everything you can see... such as the older family pictures in frames.

With the internet there's lots of material online that can help you fill in the gaps. Facebook pages of family and friends are full of images.

The goal is to gather them up and move them into the digital world of computers where you can edit them non-destructively, add them to movie projects, and distribute them the videos to relatives and friends.

My personal memories include 16 and 8mm film reels, 35 mm negatives, pictures and slides, printed pictures, analog camcorder tapes, mini-DV camcorder tapes, and most recently camcorder HD1080 sized mts files on external drives. Yesterdays are still in the camcorder.

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Supported File Types

Here's a Microsoft list of file types handled by Movie Maker.

Supported file types in Windows Live Movie Maker

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