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Visual Effects

If you're coming from a background of using classic versions of Movie Maker, you're familiar with visual effects. They have been included in every version starting with 2.0 in XP.

WMM has its effects in the Visual Effects tab of Video Tools.

There are many effects you're familiar with, and some new ones.

Classic versions of Movie Maker limited the number of effects you could add on a clip to 6. There isn't a limit in WMM.

Visual Effects

At the right you have a Brightness control, one that is substantially better than the brightness effect in classic versions.

Pan and zoom

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WMM can't use any of the self-made or 3rd party effects packages that work in classic versions of Movie Maker. I continue to use them with MM2.6 in Windows 7 and bring the saved clips into WMM projects.

Let's take a closer look at the effects provided by WMM.

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Visual Effects

When you select the first visual clip of a project you'll have a very limited choice of 5 transitions. Move to the 2nd or beyond and you'll then have this full set of choices to pick from.

As you move your mouse cursor over each of the choices, there will be an instant prview in the monitor showing what the transition will result in. When you decide the one you want click on it and it'll be included in the project.

While on your selected one you can opt to have it applied to all of the clips currently in your project.

Visual Effects

To remove an applied effect select the clip and use the first of the choices... 'No effect'.

A few tips...

In no particular order...

multiple effects

This feature is a bit like finding an Easter egg.... click the elipsis at the bottom of the expanded menu of effects and you'll get to this feature, where you can add, remove, resequence multiple effects.

You might have noticed that you'll try to do what you can do in classic versions of Movie Maker, add two or more effects to the same clip... and surprised that the first effect(s) you added no longer appear. That's because the default of WMM is to use one effect on a clip, the last one you added. This is the place to go to use multiple effects.

A good example is a long clip that you want to fade into and out of blackness... you need to use this window to add the second one without losing the first.

multiple effects