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Capture Current Memories

Current memories are those events and activities you're now watching or involved in.

It's too late for planning... grab a camera, camcorder, phone, audio recorder or other device close at hand and use it to capture the sights and sounds. I mostly use my HD camcorder but see many using their cell phones and new iPads.

There are newer and more gadgets and apps every month that you can use to take and process pix and video clips. Years ago you used a single camera or camcorder.... today you're apt to have a number of things to choose from. I'll illustrate the subject with gadgets we took on a recent 5 week almost 7,000 mile driving trip to the western part of the United States. Here are just some of the things we used.

Movie Maker 2012 can use the files from these devices without having to do file conversions first.

Add Pictures, Video, Music

Here's an album at vimeo with my videos about the trip.

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Supported File Types

Here's a link to a Microsoft list of file types handled by Movie Maker.

Supported file types in Windows Live Movie Maker

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