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If you're coming from a background of using classic versions of Movie Maker, you're familiar with transitions.... and maybe with pan/zoom effects.

WMM pulls them together into the Animations tab.

At the left you have many of the transitions you're familiar with. From previous versions you think of them as something that goes between two clips... but with WMM you need to recalibrate your thinking as they are assigned to the beginning of a clip and are linked to and move with the clip. As a result you can use a transition to start the first clip.


At the right you have pan and zoom animations. They were effects in prior versions and still are, assigned to and going with the clip. Unlike other effects in WMM you can only use one of them on a clip... no compound movements by adding two or more.

Pan and zoom

WMM doesn't provide a way to create or use custom transitions and effects with xml files, as provided by classic versions of Movie Maker. You can install MM2.6 in Windows 7 and use the custom xml files created for XP's MM2.1. For a 'bluescreened' clip I'll use a custom transition in MM2.6 and take the produced wmv clip into my WMM project.

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For the ultimate in pan/zoom options I use Pixelan's Pan/Zoom wizard, which works fine with MM2.6 on Windows 7 or 8.

Let's take a closer look at the animation and pan/zoom features provided by WMM.

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When you select the first visual clip of a project you'll have a very limited choice of 5 transitions. Move to the 2nd or beyond and you'll then have this full set of choices to pick from.

As you move your mouse cursor over each of the choices, there will be an instant prview in the monitor showing what the transition will result in. When you decide the one you want click on it and it'll be included in the project.

While on your selected one you can opt to have it applied to all of the clips currently in your project.


more transitions

To remove an applied transition select the clip and use the first of the choices... 'No transition'.

Some tips...

In no particular order...

pans and zooms

Use your favorite file/picture management software to browse and select source files. It's easy to drag and drop them into your open WMM project.