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Movie Maker Editing - Video Reverse Effect

The subject of playing a clip backwards comes up fairly often. There are no special effects or features in Movie Maker that lets you do it easily. When you want to take the extra steps needed to do it, here are some suggestions.

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5 Methods - listed in no particular order, not the preferred order... personally I like method #5 best. It's the only one I tested so far in Windows 8, where it worked fine.

Method 1 - Xander's Video Time Reversal... a ready to use app that needs no installation beyond unzipping the small downloaded file.

The website page and app are in French... here's a translation: Video Time Reversal is a small utility making it possible to reverse an AVI video. This software functions in a very simple way, this is why it can function only on a very simple AVI. You will be able to reverse only uncompressed AVI files or ones that use a simple compression, a compression image by image. Thus, you will not be able by reverse a DIVX clip. If you want to reverse a compressed AVI, it will be necessary for you to decompress it or convert it to a type II DV-AVI file (for example, with Movie Maker 1 or VirtualDub with the Panasonic codec).

Use the Telecharger button on the page to download the free utility. Unzip it to a folder of your choice, and run the executable. Thanks to glow on the forum, here are the steps to reverse a clip

Video Time Reversal

Xander's Video Time Reversal

Method 2: Save each frame of a video clip as a picture, and put the pictures back together in reverse sequence. Using TMPGEnc, VirtualDub, IrfanView or other utility...

In this sample video clip, using the TMPGEnc/MM2 method, the first half plays in normal forward speed as the elevator goes up a level, and then the reverse of the same clip plays to have it go back down:

Sample Reverse Effect

Method 3: Do it programmatically with DirectShow, as long as the video file supports IMediaSeeking to each frame. This is not a simple project, but an experienced DS programmer could do it between a couple days and a week.

Method 4: 7/25/04 - Rehan ... I found a simple way to do it using VirtualDub and AviSynth. A single line avisynth script like this will do it for you:


Just convert your clips to uncompressed avi using VDub and then open the above script in VDub and Save As another AVI. More details with screen shots are available on at: Rehan's Tips and Tricks

Newsletter 37

The tutorial in Newsletter #37 used method 4 to include a reversed clip in a movie. Click the image to read it.

Method 5: I used this link to get the K-5 reversal tool, carefully stepping past a number of other links to things I didn't want...


On my 64 bit Windows 7 laptop I needed to run the installation and open the app as an administrator or it wouldn't install or work. On my 64 bit Windows 8 desktop I didn't do anything special for the installation but had to run the app as an administrator or in compatibility mode with XP.

I did my test with a 10 second HD 1280x720 sized wmv file made by WLMM. Here's the result - 10 seconds going forward followed by the same clip in reverse.

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10/15/03 - ... Newsoft VideoWorks Version 5, which came with my Canon DVM500i, has an absolutely marvellous option called Reverse Sequence. Not only does it reverse the video, it also reverses the audio...