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Beginners guide to custom effects, transitions and titles by using XML

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The Persian Poet Gal, a regular on the forums at Windows Movie Makers started this section to help everyone learn and implement custom xml code.

Persian knows Movie Maker, and is intrigued by the vast possibilities offered by using XML code to do all kinds of amazing things. Additionally, as she and I learn, we want to help others who have the same quest.

Programmers and hackers have uncovered many Movie Maker features that can be tapped with XML code, building on and extending the use of internal program functions for transitions, effects and text. There's a growing body of such code in many forum threads.

As the buried and hidden XML features surface, we use them in our videos; beyond that, we're interested in seeing the publicly available ones being on websites for easy access and use.

Click the image at the right or the link below for a sample video clip by Persian, one that uses a number of special features, all of which can be done in Movie Maker with custom XML code.

Video - So What Can XML Do?

This page may not be for the programmers and hackers who are busy uncovering new possibilities. They don't need it. Persian and I assume you know nothing about XML code, and don't want to learn more than you need to. But you want to have fun applying some of the things you see others doing.

We'll help you bridge the gap from your current skill level to be comfortable using XML (extensible markup language).