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Movie Maker 2 - Capturing Analog Video - Dazzle

You'll find Dazzle capture devices in just about any consumer electronic's store that you go into.


Here's a link to an Adobe page that is about using Dazzle products with Premiere. It also notes which Dazzle cards are certified by Microsoft as OHCI-compliant (meaning it has a DirectX-compatible IEEE 1394 interface).

OHCI-Compliant or Adobe-Certified Dazzle Cards

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... and a link to download the Dazzle80 USB driver for Windows XP.

My attempts to use the Dazzle80 on Windows 7 failed. The driver installs but trying to capture using MM1 or MM2.1 results in blue-screens-of-death and system rebooting. Pinnacle Studio 11 can see the camcorder video and appears to record, but no video file is saved.

Avid's tech support responded to my question... "The DVC80 is not supported for Windows 7. I would really advise you upgrade that device to the DVC100 since there won't be any plans for an update for the DVC80 in the future".

Newsletter 17

Newsletter #17 is about

using the Dazzle 80 to capture analog video.

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PapaJohn Comment

I have to admit that, with all that I've read, I was pretty leary about trying a Dazzle USB DVC 80. But, it's so commonly seen that I wanted to learn more by trying it.

I bought one on 12/23/03 and installed it on my laptop - here's how it's going so far:

• Installed the Pinnacle Studio 8 software that comes with the Dazzle unit, followed by the USB device driver version 2.01... do that before inserting the USB device.

• Plugged the DVC 80 unit in and it was recognized by XP.

• Connected my Hi8 analog camcorder to the DVC 80 (used S-Video and red/yellow audio connections). Started MM2 and tried a couple captures... first some standard 4:3 aspect ratio footage, and then some widescreen 16:9. Captured to high quality WMV files.

• Made a couple videos using the clips and viewed them with the Windows Media Player.

Bottom Line: it works fine and I'm capturing from my Hi8 analog camcorder into a high quality 2.1 Mbps WMV file, 640x480. 


Dazzle 80

12/22/03 - Movie maker and XP doesn't recognize my Dazzle DVC USB device. The drivers are installed correctly and there are no errors. Does the O/S and/or MovieMaker support this capture device? > Earlier versions (pre WinXP) of Dazzle DVC USB are apparently not compatable according to info from Dazzle when I had the same problem soon after WinXP came out. Capture only possible using Dazzle supplied MovieStar if upgraded to version 4.24 or higher. Don't know situation with current Dazzle hardware as mine is over 3 year old. Tried capturing with Dazzle and editing with MM but had problems with compatibility/quality especially when trying to export to VCR via Dazzle. Gave up and used Dazzle supplied software. No longer a concern as replaced analogue camcorder with DV version that also allows conversion of analogue to DV.

12/2/03 - When capturing movie from VCR (using Dazzle DVC 80) I am not getting sound when I play the video > ... Radio Shack has a cable with a 1/8 mini on one end and the RCA plugs on the other. Run the cable from the audio out on the VCR to the line in jack on your PC sound card. Leave the Dazzle 80 hooked up. When you run the capture wizard you will be given the choice of audio inputs. Choose your sound card.

9/8/03 - Has anyone... had any luck using the Dazzle DVC 80 with XP? I can't get the audio and video to sync up. > Yes - with good effect, but I cheat. The trick is to not run the audio through the Dazzle 80 but instead run it through your soundcard's 'line in' . Seems like Audio and Video together are too much for USB.

9/2/03 - I am using a Presario s4010 and a Dazzle DVC 80 capture device. When I capture video in movie maker it seems to capture just fine. Upon playback the audio from the video does not play. When I check the properties of the captured video, it shows that the audio was captured.

8/16/03 - MM2 was working before... today... I tried to basically capture it and put it onto my comp using MM2 and a port from Dazzle (Dazzle digital video creator 80). So, I begin to capture but notice that the video is being captured but no sound. So, I try a couple times, restarting the comp a few times and nothing. Only video. So, I go on and check the cables over afew times, everything is right and up. The light comes on and nothing. So, at the first screen after pressing the capture button (where asks you to choose ur devices), I pick a different audio device from the options and it was the Dazzle audio device, to see if that would work. Well, it did go through, but it still only recorded video and no sound. So, I restarted again and when I went and pressed the capture button, where it has the device selection screen, as it ooens, a dialog box appears (not allowing me to choose any or change any devies, neither video, audio, etc.) and it says that the device is not supported and prevents me from changing the device. So now, it won't even get past the devices box, because as I click ok in the warning box, the whole program goes back to the regular screen, unabling me to do anything. > The Dazzle audio input generally doesn't work well with non-Dazzle software. Try feeding the audio into your sound card via the "line in" jack and make the appropriate changes in your "Recording Mixer" (select line, adjust). You can only get audio through the Dazzle Audio inputs if you're using the Dazzle Movie software. What I would personally do is capture the video using the Dazzle software, save it to MPEG, then load these into Movie Maker.

7/7/03 - if I hook up my VCR to a USB, can I capture the video? > No, you'll need an analog capture card or a VIVO graphics card (video in and`video out). > You will need something like the Dazzle 80 USB device to do that but, yes it will work .

7/7/03 - I can get my video from my VCR into the computer perfectly. However, I have no audio from the tape in the VCR. Is there a special way or special hookups that I need to use? > The cable with the yellow ends only carries video, not audio. Audio (the red and white ends) is nearly always input through a minijack which connects to the sound card's line in. > If you have the right cords hooked up, you also need to make sure that you have the proper input set. Go to Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Volume Control, select Options, Properties, click Recording and OK, and make sure the "Line-In" checkbox is selected. > I have cable with black and red ends. I have the red into the video and black into sound. Am wondering if these are the same or do I need a different cable? > Red and Black (same as red and white, just different colors!) one end and minijack the other..... left and right channels and minijack goes into line in in the soundcard (or onboard soundchip) socket. > Can you (or someone) explain to me just how I am supposed to be hooked up. I have my VHS tape in my VCR (am copying from my VHS tape to my computer) and I am using Dazzle DVC-80 to connect. I'm wondering if I've not got the sound going wrong somehow. I get video but no matter what I do there's no sound. Also, if I am set on "Line In" with the audio (on MM2) does that mean I am to be plugged into where the mic plugs in?? I have 3 places there - one = mic two = outand three= in.And do I run the audio from the Dazzle aparatus to the computer or do I run the audio from the VCR to the computer? This is totally confusing to me. I can't understand at all why I have video and no sound. > I'm not familiar with the Dazzle systems, but if there is a connector that fits the mic or in jacks, put it in the "In" jack. And in your audio devices (icon should be in the system tray) make sure that Line In is not muted.

6/19/03 - I tried using my newly purchased Dazzle DVC 80 capture device with Movie Maker 2 to capture video from my analog camcorder (Sony) and I can get the images alright, but not the audio components. > Go to and see the thread "video capture device 06/19/03, 01:33." Also look at the users forum on the Dazzle site in the DVC80 posts.

5/6/03 - When capturing video from my VCR or camcorder (thru Dazzle 80) there is no accompanying audio regardless of the audio settings I use. Using Movie Star 5.0(packed with Dazzle) everything works fine. After capturing in Movie Star 5 I can then import the clip to MovieMaker and it works fine but I can't input it directly. > MM2 doesn't recognize Dazzle's USB audio. Run the audio through your sound card instead of the Dazzle device . > How do you run the audio through the sound card? I had set the audio in through my soundcard at the configuration stage and still no audio > Take the audio cable going from your camera to the Dazzle. Run it instead from the camera to the audio input of your computer's sound card. The video cable stays connected to the Dazzle. When you run audio through the Dazzle, it goes to your USB port. Dazzle's Moviestar program is the only one that is able to hear it through the USB.

4/27/03 - I'm using Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 to convert my analog video to digital. When I capture the video to Windows Movie Maker 2, the video comes out fine but there's no audio. I've tried playing with the settings a little bit but nothing has changed. > I have the same device. Run the audio through your sound card instead of the Dazzle .

3/5/03 - I have been using VirtualDub to capture to AVI through a Dazzle 80 USB device - works fine. VirtualDub is freeware and widely available on the 'Net.

2/27/03 - I had a similar problem capturing audio/video from my analog camcorder using Dazzle DCS-80. I made several small videos using different audio settings trying to find the right combo to use... all were silent. Then I right clicked on the finished .wmv file... hit properties... found settings and discovered the video did have an audio wave component. Curious, I opened TMPGEnc and dropped the .wmv in and created an MPEG I with it. I then went to TMPGEnc's MPEG Tools area and demultiplexed the file. It gave me an .m2v video component and a .mp2 audio component. I put the file back by simple multiplexing , but Windows Media Player 9 doesn't support .mp2 media. I don't know wether this is a Movie Maker problem or a media player problem... but there must be a plug-in to either make Movie Maker create Player compliant source or get Movie Player to recognize .mp2 audio. Check your finished clip and see if you don't find properties listing a video component to your clip. If so.. we have the same problem. > The "missing audio" problem with Dazzle products and Movie Maker seems to have been around forever and I can't find a useful answer ANYWHERE. I have Dazzle 80 (which connects through my USB port). I captured 1 or 2 videos that worked fine, then suddenly I started getting no audio in my clips. I did re-route my audio directly to the sound card and the clips now have sound, but this seems stupid since Dazzle should be able to capture sound. Also, although this re-route gives me sound in my clips, Movie Maker 2 now locks up after I create a movie. I have to reboot after making every clip. > A Feb 24 post said that the Dazzle 80 has driver issues and doesn't output a valid audio stream. Some other posts about Dazzle 80 seem to find workaounds that 'trick MM2' into recognizing the Dazzle 80.

1/2/03 - The USB device I used in the past (Dazzle DVC80) was unable to capture sound via the R&L RCA/Composite input. I purchased a RCA to mini-plug cable from and plugged it into the Line-In on the sound card. Doing this should be followed by changing the audio input device in WMM from the USB device to "Line-In".

12/31/02 - I tried using Moviestar 5 software that came with the capture device (Dazzle Video Creator 80). It captured the video + audio ok, but the file is huge. A 2 min and 49 sec movie was 619,918 KB (avi video file type). Any other suggestions on how to make Windows Movie Maker 2 work, or compress the files from Moviestar. > Instead of running the Audio from your camcorder to the Dazzle 80, run it to your soundcard input instead and capture it there. The Dazzle 80's USB interface has trouble with audio and video at the same time in compressed formats.

Dazzle 100

8/15/03 - I was using a version of Movie maker that came with my windows XP. I was using a Dazzle DVC 100 capture device to convert my analog home tapes to a digital format. The first version of WMM worked fine and capture the video and everthing was working so so. The WMM was unstable. I was able to capture and save, then when I went to edit the video, the WMM would crash. I reloaded WMM from the microsoft site and now the new version of WMM does not recognize my capture device. The Dazzle unit connects to the computer via a USB port. I have reloaded WMM and I get the same results. > You probably need to remove the Dazzle software (the capture driver) then re-install it. Also, check in Device Manager and delete anything else listed under capture devices. Dazzle hardware and software, in general, is very touchy. Consider using the Dazzle software to capture your material and encode it to MPEG (or AVI if you perfer) then load these into Movie Maker. I've never gotten acceptable captures with the lower-end Dazzle hardware and WMM.

1/17/03 - Is it possible to capture analog video from the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100 that was included with my Dell 8200? The system came with MGI VideoWave4 and I can capture Video using that, but MM2, Sonic's MyDVD 4, and ArcSoft ShowBiz indicate that there is no capture device.

Dazzle 150

9/23/09 forum post by DarthSinister... using it fine with Windows Movie Maker 2.6 on Windows 7 RTM. Don't use the Pinnacle Software that came with it. Just make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers.

Click "Capture from video Source" on the top left and Windows Movie Maker should recognize the Dazzle as it would recognize a Firewire camera or USB Webcam.

I've had a problem with audio where WMM does not recognize the audio inputs. To fix that either use the S-Video inputs or use a "RCA Audio Female to 3.5mm Audio Jack Male" input on the Microphone or AUX inputs on your computer (available on for $1.50 USD).

2/9/04 - I am trying to use WMM to capture analogue video from my VCR through a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150. WMM states a "video capture device was not detected". > The Dazzle 150 is an MPEG2 capture device. Unfortunately, Movie Maker cannot currently capture MPEG2. This is why Movie Maker can't "see" your capture device.

12/7/03 - When I click on "Capture video device" my only choice is the camera I have hooked up to the computer -- I have a VCR hooked up via dazzle but it is not recognized by Movie Maker. I know it is physically hooked up right because it was recognized by Studio 8 software I tried. I am using Dazzle Video Creator 150 hardware to transfer into my computer via hi speed usb and Pinnacle studio 8 software recognizes the transfer but media player does not see the vcr via the Dazzle 150.

4/23/03 - I am using a Dazzle USB product to transfer analog videos to my computer. Is there a way for movie maker to find the dazzle 150 so that I can capture the video? > You can trick Movie Maker into finding the dazzle by starting moviestar as if you're going to use it to capture. After the Dazzle becomes active, switch to MM2 and the driver will remain loaded. When you close the capture session, you'll have to repeat to wake up the device for another capture. Better yet, capture with VirtualDub and import the files to MM2 for editing. Also note that you'll have to run your audio through the sound card and not through the Dazzle . > I am not familiar with VirtualDub? > It captures to AVI very well, and it won't argue with your Dazzle driver like MM2 does. Then just import your AVI files to MM2 for editing.

3/12/03 - I am currently trying to capture analog video off my VCR using a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150. I've upgraded the driver for Windows Windows XP®, yet I'm still not able to get Windows Movie Maker or Media Player to find the capture device. > Dazzle 150 doesn't work in any program - take it back for ATI all-in-one wonder 8500dv. Movie Maker 2 can't capture with any card, camera or camcorder. ATI comes with studio 8 which is pretty good.

Dazzle 2000

2/1/03 - I am using a Dazzle 20000 to capture my video from an analog VHS tape to MM2. On my Video settings in MM2, I cannot access the DIGITAL DEVICE FORMAT (DV-AVI) box as it is not highlighted. On OTHER SETTINGS Which would be the best setting there to obtain quality video for playback on a DVD player? Or is there a way I can get that option to where I can use it? > I use the Dazzle PCI II Bridge. I am also unable to capture from that but the simple thing is capture the Video in Movie Star and save on the Hard Disk as a MPG file, pick that up in Movie Maker, it works perfectly fine.

Dazzle Fusion

8/3/03 - After I have captured my desired video clips, I hit finish. Then, it creates the file, but always locks up or delays when creating the clips. Should I just wait longer? Also, I have the Dazzle Fusion capture device, it has all the correct inputs, but the audio isn't captured when I capture the video.

6/29/03 - I am capturing video off of a video 8 camcorder. Using Dazzle Fusion. After several days of pulling my hair out, I can now capture Video but the Audio will not come through. Is it filed somewhere else? > ... I got the solution from a forum post at the Dazzle site. I bypassed the DVC Audio using an adapter cable and connected directly to my sound card "Line In" jack. (RCA to 1/8(?) Pin...Radio Shack $7) Then in the dropdown menu in my capture program I chose my sound card as input for the audio. No longer get that nasty message and all works OK. Some posters blame Dazzle for having faulty drivers but since you have the problem with an nVidia Device perhaps it is a Windows glitch. > ... You opened my eyes with your response. I now have audio. I run my video through Dazzle Fusion, and audio to the "line in" jack on the back of my computer. The audio hook up is from my camcorder to a single line in jack on the back of my compuer next to microphone and speaker jacks.

Dazzle Hollywood Bridge

7/2/03 - I am using Dazzle's Hollywood DV Bridge to capture video from a VCR to my computer in AVI format. I have a 120GB drive that has 100GB free. I am connected via firewire. When I attempt to capture, it doesn't do anything although it seems to be doing something. The disk space stays the same so it's not writing, but the time starts to clock down. When I cancel the capture it asks if I want to save what I have captured so far. When I say yes, it tells me there was a problem and nothing was captured. Same set up works fine on my laptop.

Dazzle Mojave

3/15/03 - "The video device is currently in use. Close any other application that is using the device and try again" when using a Dazzle mojave and analog camera. This error appears many times on this list and there are no answers being supplied. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, upgraded drivers and spent about 10 hours with it. > I have the same problem with an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon. I used to use this device with a previous version of Movie Maker, but an update apparently rendered it inoperable. I know this error is bogus, and the device is available. With the error on the screen, I can start and capture video from AVIEdit, ATI Multimedia Center, and Microsoft Windows Media Encoder. WMM2 is just broken.