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Expression Media Encoder

Expression Media Encoder

The Expression Media Encoder is a new product...

...which will be included in Expression Media... but it's not currently there in the trial version of iView.

Click the link or image to see James Clarke, a program manager on the Expression team...

Explain and Demo it

... and a link leading to a fully functioning 60 day trial version, released on 4/30/07. The preview version outputs only to WMV (VC1) as needed to create Silverlight video content.

Expression Media Encoder

The Expression Media Encoder Preview User Guide is a separate download.

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Here's a screen shot of the main working window, showing a job with 6 videos... ready to batch encode.

Expression Media Encoder

Newsletter #148 is about the first look at the Expression Media Encoder. Click the image to read it.

Newsletter 148

Newsletters are published weekly to subscribers only, but posted online for open viewing a couple months later. Use this link to the Products and Services page for more info and to subscribe.

Behind the Scenes (later)

Tips and Tricks

#1 - The encoder can run on XP or Vista, but needs a video card that supports Pixel shader 2.0 (the same needed for Vista's aeroglass). Without it, you'll get a message on the preview monitor "Video hardware not found. Preview will be disabled".

#2 - If Silverlight packages produced by the Encoder play fine on your computer, but not from the link to your website, you may need to adjust the server IIS properties to add .xaml as a MIME type. In my case, using a 1&1 website host 'shared server' with many other users, I can't tweak the IIS properties... so I use a 'hack'.

What Can go Wrong

For fixes and work-arounds, see the same item number in the next section....

Fixes and Work-Arounds